Our menu

Buckwheat galettes

Buckwheat flour PGI


Mussels menu

according to availability

Your choice of sauce :
“marinières” or with cream 
or chorizo


Homemade french fries


1 glass of Muscadet
or 1 glass of dry cider
or 1 draft beer 25cl
or 1/2 bottle of water
or 25 cl of lemonade

Midday menu

excluding weekends and public holidays
until 2,30 pm

Complet galette + salad
(egg, ham, cheese)


caramel Crêpe with salted butter
or butter and sugar
or 2 scoops of ice cream


1 bowl of brut cider
or 1 draught beer lancelot Pils 25cl
or half a bottle of still or sparkling water
or 25 cl of organic apple juice

Wheat crepes

Wheat flour


Our artisanal ice creams